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Our Way, Our Menu

Small menu, endless flavours


Grilled pork dumplings (锅贴)


Spring rolls(春卷)8 prices


Crispy duck(香酥鸭)1/4


Dim sum

Pork Xiao Long Bao


Prawn Dumplings


Roast pork buns


Mix dim sum


Luo Mi Chicken rice(糯米鸡)


Steamed pork dumplings (蒸肉水铰)10 pieces


Steamed vegetables dumplings (蒸素水铰)10 个



Organic Chinese chicken soup( with bones )老鸡汤


Beef noodle soup(牛腩面)


Wonton soup with Noodles (云吞汤面)


Roast pork soup with noodles (叉烧汤面)


Roast duck with noodles (烧鸭汤面)


Tomato & egg soup (西红柿蛋汤)


Hot&sour soup (酸辣汤)



Cha Shou Rice(叉烧饭)


mix roast pork and Cha Shao Rice(双拼烧鸭叉烧饭)


Yangzhou fired rice(扬州炒饭)


Sweet and sour chicken with steam rice


Fired egg rice(蛋炒饭)


Chicken Katsu rice(炸鸡排饭)



Coconut ximi ru(椰子西米露)


Bird’s nest (health asian beauty soup) 燕窝



Red tea (红茶)


Green tea(绿茶)


Evian Water 依云水


Menu set A for two (套餐A 2人份)

Set A £77.6 for two Persons

1)Two teas;two 2)chicken&sweet Corn Soup;3)1/4 Crispy Duck with pan cake,4)Mix Dim Sum;5)Roasted pork(Chasao);6)Mix Vegetables,7)two Fired Eggs Rice.


Menu set B for two persons (套餐B 2人份)

Set B menu £97.6 for Two persons

1)Two teas;two 2)chicken&sweet Corn Soup or chicken soup;3)1/4 Crispy Duck with pan cake,4)Steam sea bass fish;5)Mix Vegetables,6)two Fired Eggs Rice.7) Dessert


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